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Google Translate has been around for some time, but there's a new concept that could see Google translating sign language with a pair of arm bands. The bands, as described by students at Berghs... Read More

Google this week showed off a prototype of a self-driving car that the search giant created itself. The small, Volkswagen Bug-esque vehicle does not have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or... Read More

An cuticular electronic system (EES) could be a discovery that would modification the planet of physics forever, blurring the borders between physics and biology. The team of researchers... Read More

Apple has recently come up with a sleek looking keyboard, which has been able to garner quite a lot of attention due to its features and looks. The best aspect of the apple keyboard is that you would... Read More

It’s more than just a cool looking watch with Tron blue lights, the Rollerphone by takes us to the very near future where you can pull your phones navigation out of your wristband via a retractable... Read More

oday if you want to store your data you could store it in one big drive with maximum storage or in several drives. Well to combine both of these features there is a new concept flas drive which is... Read More

The presence of the cheap tablet PC that called XO-3 seems became a reality. Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the OLPC said that the prototype will be ready in the end of this year. OLPC (One Laptop... Read More

The Tiniest camera in the world weighs only 11 g and shoots video and photos. The MAME-CAM, is created by Japanese company Thanko. It shoots video around 640

Magic Cube Projected Multi-Platform Keyboard:: At CES, Celluon displayed their projection keyboard for… pretty much every device. The Magic Box can connect via Bluetooth to a PC, Android Phone,... Read More